The news of the recent installation in record time of 15 industrial machines in South America, despite the difficulties related to the health emergency, was relaunched online and offline.

Once again, thanks to a relevant operation successfully completed, CPS Company stands out for its ability to propose innovation, and to win the trust of national and international markets, even in the most demanding conditions.

The recent news of the installation of 15 machines of the CPS 400 Series in South America – despite the difficulties and limitations imposed by the health emergency – has captured the attention of several online and offline media.

Among others, the influential and popular Bolognese newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, in print and online, and the magazine Fare News by Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, the main local association of manufacturing companies.

With the project, CPS Company installed 4 machines of the CPS 452 FM type, and 11 machines of the CPS 452 BD model in record time, with a pace that reached up to 2 completed interventions per week, in 3 different countries.

Among other aspects, the articles highlight the speed of execution, and the excellent teamwork between the technicians on-site and the professionals who provided them with assistance from the company’s headquarters, also thanks to the availability of 4.0 technologies on installed machinery.

Other aspects reported by the media concern the excellent qualities of the 400 Series machines, equipped with the innovative and patented Active Pull Technology. Among these, the ability to ensure better adherence of the packaging to the products is highlighted compared to machines that work with the traditional “push” technology, and the guarantee of considerable advantages in terms of packaging quality, and saving of film and energy: reduced environmental impact and lower production costs.

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