Secondary packaging machine suitable
for bags of diapers adult & baby or femine care,
pack of tissue rolls and other type of products

Packaging material thickness:

Polyethylene (PE): from 35 to 90 My (microns) Density 0,87/0,93;
Different film thickness TBD;
Max. poly reel diameter: Up to 450 mm;
Max. poly reel width: Up to 2500 mm.

Change-over time:

Max. 25 min. – based on staff training and performances.

Operating panel HMI

Boom mounted rotating “HMI” enabling machine control and management.
The system allows to:

  • Monitor technical functions, check them and adjust them for optimum performance;
  • Store format parameters in order to facilitate format changeovers;
  • Detect the trouble shooting machine diagnostics;
  • In English and Italian (on request in addition the customer’s language).
Finished Bundle dimensions
Width 380 mm – 850 mm (with ACTIVE PULL TECH 240 mm – 600mm)
Length 380 mm – 850 mm or 1200* mm
Heigth 180 mm – 400 mm
Overlapping 50/60 mm
Pitch (length) max 1400 mm
Handle (optional) 50/60 mm
Max Reel (width) 2500 mm
Product handling:

With robot ABB IRB 1200 6 axes (diapers adult & baby).
Collating unit (tissue roll).

Bundle Speed:

Up to 22 cycles/min.
*Up to 10 cycles/min with a double stroke insertion sequence.

NB: Production speed depends on the quality of the product coming from up-stream, on packaging material characteristics and final bundle dimensions required.