CPS Company at MIAC 2021

www.miac.info CPS Company will attend with its offer of industrial machinery for primary and secondary packaging at MIAC 2021 - International Exhibition of Paper Industry, taking place in Lucca on 13, 14, and 15 October 2021. The event is one of the main international events for updating on the latest technological solutions for the [...]

400 Series, secondary packaging for personal care products

Secondary packaging machinery of diaper packs for adults and children, sanitary towels, and paper rolls. When it comes to personal care, it goes without saying that safety is important, especially when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the product at its origin. This is why, over the years, CPS Company has studied and [...]

CPS Company, production of industrial packaging machines in Bologna

In the heart of the packaging valley, Cassoli Group technology. For many, Emilia Romagna is a land of fun and good food, promenades along the seafront as well as those immersed in the beauty of the cities of art, accompanied by typical agri-food products that leave everyone with an unparalleled culinary nostalgia. Yet, there [...]

Cassoli Group’s new LinkedIn page is online

The Group page was created to present the activities and strengths of CPS and Nema Automazione to the world of professionalism and work. Cassoli Group makes its entry on LinkedIn, with a new company page that was created to provide informative and in-depth content on the activities and news of CPS and Nema Automazione. [...]

Active Pull Technology: when innovation becomes revolution

Faithful to the motto “Never done before”, Cassoli Group has created a patented technology for secondary packaging that changes the rules of the game compared to traditional systems. Bringing a significant reduction in energy consumption and materials, and otherwise unparalleled aesthetic and technical performance of packaging. Never Done Before! If in Cassoli Group one [...]