Cassoli Group and CopAPS: together for inclusion

A concrete gesture by the Cassoli Group to support a cooperative that for years has been promoting social inclusion and the well-being of people in difficulty, while offering a day of leisure to employees and their families. Active support and social commitment The Cassoli Group has decided to actively support the cooperative by [...]

Inclusion, enthusiasm and fun: the Cassoli Group’s Family Day

The Cassoli Group, which includes CPS Company, Ecocap's and Nema Automazione, celebrated Family Day 2024 at Agriturismo Parco della Chiusa. An entire day dedicated to learning, sharing and fun for employees and family members. The event was a precious opportunity to unite the team, have fun and learn together, consolidating the values of sharing [...]

Family Day, for the Cassoli Group a day of inclusion and fun

For the Family Day 2024, Gruppo Cassoli , which includes CPS Company, Ecocap’s and Nema Automazione, has organized a day of learning and fun for employees and family members. It will be a moment to strengthen the corporate ties and support important social causes. Sharing, learning, inclusion and fun Returning on Saturday, June [...]

“Step into the era of packaging automation: never done before”: the CPS Company’s project

Created thanks to the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2021-2027 of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the project aims to strengthen the customer base and win over new ones. Always at the forefront of the sector, CPS Company's objective is to stand out on international markets by offering innovative and tailor-made solutions for the automatic packaging of paper products. [...]


Despite the rising commodity prices and the geopolitical tensions, there are positive signs of growth in production and profits. However, concerns persist regarding foreign demand and domestic and European economic conditions. PROSPECTS FOR IMPROVEMENT At the end of 2023, paper and cardboard production in Italy reached approximately 7.5 million tonnes (recording a 14% [...]


Provisional agreement reached in the European Parliament on the management of packaging waste, promoting recycling and limiting harmful substances. Italy has voted against. AN AGREEMENT TO PROMOTE THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN PACKAGING Representatives of the European Parliament, the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the Commission reached a preliminary [...]

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