CPS machines can produce various types of primary and secondary packaging, ensuring the highest levels of production flexibility, breadth, and depth of assortment.

Packaging technologies require less packaging material and less energy than competing solutions on the market.


The high energy efficiency of CPS machines is a guarantee of reduced management costs.

CPS packaging machines are simple to install and start up. Their implementation takes place in 4 hours, without the need for specialized personnel.


All CPS industrial machinery exploit an innovative and consolidated rotary packaging technology that reduces production times compared to traditional packaging systems.

The rotary packaging technology eliminates the annoying imperfections of the finished product, normally generated by traditional technologies.


Rotary packaging technology reduces mechanical stress on moving parts. Thanks to this, and more generally to the exceptional reliability of CPS machinery, maintenance intervals are reduced to a minimum, less frequent, and extremely simplified.

CPS offers constant remote monitoring activities, guaranteeing constant and timely assistance to customers for the maintenance and optimization of packaging machinery.

4.0 Technology