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CPS, the technological heart of Cassoli Group

Since 2002, CPS Company has been synonymous with research and development, technology, and maximum attention to customer expectations in the industrial packaging machinery sector.

The company hands down and renews the wealth of knowledge of the Cassoli family since 1964 at the helm of advanced industrial activities in the field of design and production of packaging machinery, and today of the Cassoli Group, in which CPS represents the leading reality for the development of new technologies and new packaging solutions. The Cassoli Group also includes Nema Automazione, specializing in primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging, and Ecocap’s, a company dedicated to packaging systems for the beverage sector.



Elevate the packaging from a mere container to an integral part of the product, of excellent quality, fully functional, and maximally respectful of the environment.


Create highly efficient and reliable automation systems and cutting-edge machinery for the packaging of paper, fabric / non-woven, personal care, and home care products, intended for retail consumption.



For years, sustainability and, more generally, the utmost respect for people and the environment, have guided CPS’s strategies and operational choices, from production to procurement and supply.

Among the main fronts of action and results in this sense, we note:

  • A constant research and development activity for the creation of latest generation “green” machinery and “technological solutions;
  • The sorting and systematic recycling of industrial waste, including paper, glass, metals, and plastics. In recent years, an average of 90% of industrial waste has been recovered and used.
  • The launch of the following systemic actions for the gradual reduction of energy consumption and emissions resulting from the use of natural gas and electricity:
    • In 2018, the installation of a new thermal power plant allowed a drastic reduction in gas consumption and CO2 emissions;
    • The creation of a new photovoltaic system makes it possible to autonomously produce 70% of the energy needs while ensuring an annual saving of about 120,000 kWh, equal to 60 tons of CO2;
    • The replacement of the entire lighting system with low-consumption and high-efficiency lamps has made it possible to reduce energy consumption for light sources by 70%, guaranteeing further reductions in CO2 emissions of approximately 30 tons per year.

The safety, well-being, and respect of employees, and more generally of all our interlocutors, are among the founding values of the CPS philosophy.

These ethical principles have been put into the system in the 231 Organizational Model, which guides the entire company work.

  • Safety: CPS constantly works on the definition and implementation of policies aimed at the constant and effective prevention of risks, to preserve the safety of employees and all other operators involved in production activities at the highest levels, and at the same time create products that are maximally safe for customers and final recipients;
  • Well-being: the company works systematically to ensure maximum work and personal fulfillment of its employees, through constant listening and dialogue and putting into practice actions and models aimed at building an increasingly diverse, equal, and motivated workforce. Similar listening and dialogue initiatives are pursued to establish relationships based on the utmost trust, transparency, and mutual respect with suppliers, customers, and other interlocutors, including local institutions and bodies.