Faithful to the motto “Never done before”, Cassoli Group has created a patented technology for secondary packaging that changes the rules of the game compared to traditional systems. Bringing a significant reduction in energy consumption and materials, and otherwise unparalleled aesthetic and technical performance of packaging.

Never Done Before! If in Cassoli Group one would be asked about the phrase that most of all identifies its activities, and even more the values ​​that distinguish it, it is impossible to receive an answer other than this. Because since its inception in 1964, the goal has always been to anticipate needs and innovate, realizing mechanical and production solutions that would allow us to open new paths, rather than continue to beat the more usual ones. This true vocation for innovation is at the origin of numerous technologies and “trailblazers” solutions. Among these, one of the spearheads of the current offer is undoubtedly Active Pull Technology, not surprisingly the subject of a patent by CPS Company.

Also, in this case, the spring that led to the conception of the solution consisted in the search for a new way of doing things. In fact, until its appearance, for the creation of the packaging, the products were pushed against the packaging material, according to the “Push” method. But why keep pushing if you have reached performances that are difficult to improve? For this reason, in Cassoli Group it was thought that the time had come to pull, and thus the patented technology was born which, not surprisingly, bears the name of Active Pull Technology.

Simplifying as much as possible, the new system leads to the filling of the product to be packaged with a pre-formed bag, made by unwinding the film in positive. Neither a stuffer nor a bagging machine, therefore, but something that was never done until the moment of its conception. All this, with many advantages in terms of reducing energy consumption and packaging materials, as well as from the point of view of the final packaging yield.

Starting from the first aspect, the Active Pull Technology is characterized and established as a revolutionary solution because, compared to existing technologies, it allows to avoid the use of shrink ovens, reducing energy consumption, and also reducing the consumption of packaging material up to 20%.

A real leap in scale, thanks to which producers can both achieve significant savings and reduce the environmental impact of their activities, to which is added the further advantage of obtaining an extremely tight bag, with optimal characteristics of portability and handling. Thanks to Active Pull Technology, the packs inside are perfect, free from deformation, and intact.

So much so that – they explain with a smile at Cassoli Group remembering the introduction of technology – all of a sudden the customers had gone from constant requests to get a lot more pulled to the question: “could you loosen a little”?. A small story in the history of a technology that has changed the world of secondary packaging, to the great satisfaction of the customers who have decided to embrace this turning point.

Currently, Active Pull Technology is present on CPS452 machines, for the packaging of industrial rolls and rolls with a rate of 25 packages per minute, and CPS472, for high-speed packaging, and with the maximum aesthetic and technical performance, of products for personal & family care, napkins and interleaved, and other products for the professional sector.