By adopting the technology to tissue packaging machinery for the first time, the Bologna-based company has managed to make it evolve, improving performance in terms of productivity, speed, containment of wastage levels and ease of format changes.

CPS Company has always been recognized for its ability to equip its industrial machinery for primary and secondary packaging with advanced technologies of excellent quality, capable of making the difference with respect to commonly adopted solutions.

Among the numerous technologies developed by CPS, many are patented, such as Active Pull Technology and Easy open system because they were conceived and developed internally thanks to targeted research activities that have made it possible to create new and distinctive solutions. But even in the case of technologies already existing on the market and applied in industrial packaging areas, CPS Company had the vision and the ability to make them its own, integrating them into its industrial packaging machinery.

Among others, CPS Company has improved Revolving technology, which has been on the market for years but only in other sectors, increasing its effectiveness and using it for the first time and successfully for the packaging of tissue products, including napkins and interfolded ones.

As it is possible to deduce from its name itself, the Revolving technology makes it possible to carry out packaging operations through a rotary movement of the product. The main difference compared to the commonly adopted solutions is that CPS Company, thanks to the Revolving technology, is the only one to work with multiple stations.

Simplifying as much as possible, there is not a single rotation “station” on the industrial machinery of the Bolognese company, which performs a specific packaging operation on a single product. In fact, several “stations” operate simultaneously within the same block, each dedicated to a specific action, allowing it to work in parallel on multiple products.

Thanks to this, the machines ensure significantly higher production capacities and speeds than those of the competition, while limiting their levels of stress and mechanical wear as much as possible, with the consequent advantage of guaranteeing significant savings in terms of machine maintenance.

While traditional packaging solutions for folded products have already reached the maximum speed limits, in the case of CPS Company the growth margins are still expandable: this represents a further plus. Trying to make a comparison with Formula 1, at the moment the industrial packaging machines of CPS Company that adopt the Revolving technology are already the fastest cars on the track. But it does not end there, because while the competitors’ cars, due to structural limits, will not be able to further reduce lap times, the CPS cars are characterized by much broader evolutionary horizons. They may therefore be able to set new speed records in the future.

The sports metaphor is also useful to explain a further fundamental strength of CPS solutions equipped with Revolving technology. Over time, this technology has been made easier and easier to use, and in particular, it has been possible to ensure the implementation of format changes almost fully automatic and a very fast operation. In short, even on the “pit stops”, CPS Company has positioned itself in the most advanced grids in the category, guaranteeing very satisfactory performance in terms of production flexibility and rapidity of adaptation to the various types of products and formats.

The innovative Revolving technology solutions developed and refined by CPS Company are available for all industrial machinery of the 800 Series, dedicated to the primary packaging of tissue products. Their flexibility, and more generally the production versatility that has always been one of the flagships of the Bolognese company allows the technology to be applied also to industrial machinery for secondary packaging, such as the CPS 806 FZ model, conceived for multiple wrapping of tissue packages.