Passion, courage, mastery, and originality. Going beyond the difficulties and limitations imposed by the current emergency period, Cassoli Group successfully and exceptionally quickly concludes a great international challenge.

Passion, courage, mastery, and originality. Once again, the values ​​that have always distinguished the projects of the Cassoli group have been fundamental to successfully bring home, and very quickly, a great international challenge, made even more compelling by the many difficulties caused by the pandemic.

It is precisely in South America – in three different countries – that the installation of fifteen latest generation bundlers machines has just been completed, at the request of a major US multinational, which has chosen the Bolognese company for the high quality and performance capacity of its industrial machinery for secondary packaging.

In detail, between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, in the middle of the pandemic period, with a challenging pace that in the most intense periods led to the exceptional result of 2 interventions concluded per week, 4 machines of the CPS 452 FM type were installed, and 11 machines model CPS 452 BD.

All this was possible thanks to an exciting and demanding teamwork played on an intercontinental scale, also thanks to the 4.0 digital technologies installed on the standard machines of the Cassoli Group since 2010. Their availability has allowed the team of highly qualified technicians on site to realize installations relying on the constant remote support guaranteed by the company’s Italian headquarters.

This set of elements and quality has made it possible to conclude the project in the best possible way and extremely quickly, with great satisfaction on the part of the customer, even in a particularly demanding period like the one we are still going through, during which the limitations to travel and work activities, especially in particularly complex operations such as the one carried out in South America, have often caused discomforts and complications.

Discomforts and complications that the Cassoli Group has instead faced and overcome with great success, relying on tenacity, passion, and great industrial capacity, in full harmony with the vision of Stefano Cassoli, who had started the project, and still giving a full concreteness to the claim that has always distinguished the company’s activities: Consider it Done. Well done. Never Done Before.

Performance, savings, and sustainability: characteristics and advantages of installed secondary packaging machinery

The technology of the industrial machinery installed – belonging to CPS 400 Series, and specially designed for secondary packaging by bagging various types of personal care products, including rolls, handkerchiefs and other tissue items – is absolutely state-of-the-art and totally innovative with respect to the methods commonly adopted.

The use of these solutions makes it possible to obtain a tighter film, and packs that are more adherent to the products, so that they are more protected without being compressed.

In addition, CPS technology is very tolerant to film quality changes, bringing a significant improvement in performance. Last but not least, bundler machines CPS 452 FM e 452 BD have the additional advantages of making products more stable during the palletizing phases, and significantly reducing the use of packaging materials, with very positive effects in terms of savings and environmental sustainability.