The Cassoli Group enhances an existing technology and makes it available for a greater quality and durability of its machinery, ensuring even more satisfactory performance, in particular in the secondary packaging segment.

The experience and the skills of the Cassoli Group in the process automation for secondary packaging allowed to transform the Case Technology into a cutting-edge technology.

The Case Technology allows all types of material to be packaged in cartons both horizontally and vertically – starting from those used in the tissue and personal care sectors – operating indifferently on loose or packaged products.

Thanks to the adoption of this technology, the case packers increase their quality, reliability and durability, as well as their speed performance and precision in the operational phase. Furthermore, constant product absorption is guaranteed, even in the case of automatic lines with remarkable performance.

CPS uses Case Technology mainly in the machines of the CPS600 series, “custom-made case packer models”, that ensure extremely high performance. The CPS600 models are conceived fot the end-of-line packaging market of tissue products, interleaved sheets, paper rolls and personal care products. Extremely flexible and able to package both products with primary packaging and loose products, they can be used for a truly wide variety of products.

The Case Technology is adopted with great results in the case packers of Nema Automazione, another company of the Cassoli group, to meet the needs of a different market segment.

Although the main field of application is the secondary packaging, the Case Technology has given excellent results in terms of performance on some segments of the primary one. For example, it has proved to be perfect for packaging different types of rolls, allowing also to avoid the use of plastic.

These evidences allow us to state that the Cassoli Group and CPS Company will be able to identify and develop further application areas of Case Technology for primary packaging, thanks to their know-how in the management of bulk products: a skill that is not easy to find in companies that operate exclusively in the boxing sector.