Great teamwork and excellent logistics management: another success in the international tissue packaging market.


Once again, CPS Company gives a concrete sign of its ability to go beyond the difficulties of the last period, completing another relevant international contract in the best possible way.

In Thailand, on behalf of a large industrial group specialized in the tissue sector and active in many other markets, CPS company installed a line for primary and secondary packaging of office tissue products.

The operation is very significant for the economic scope of the contract and the technical quality required, and also for how it was carried out: with the utmost Client satisfaction, despite the logistical complications due to the emergency.

The plants were in fact installed when travels from Italy to other countries were still severely limited. CPS Company used its own international network of collaborators: two highly qualified technicians from Mexico were asked to contribute, supported by a Peruvian colleague.

In the execution of this international contract, with an important coordination and supervision activity from the Bolognese headquarter, every detail was taken care of, to ensure maximum safety and, at the same time, an excellent result. With regard to the first aspect, the technicians involved in the operation observed very precise rules, limiting their movements only to the journey between the hotel and the workplace, and being able to take advantage of dedicated transfers to further reduce the risks.

During the installation, the professionals could count on constant remote assistance from Italy to fine-tune all the technical and functional aspects. All this was possible also thanks to the availability of 4.0 technologies on all the machines installed, allowing constant communication and data sharing between the CPS headquarters in Bologna and the installation plant. These technologies also constantly monitor the machines, allowing extremely prompt assistance interventions when necessary, limiting the technicians and engineers travels and related expenses.

Furthermore, a fourth professional, trained ad hoc and already operating within a Thai company specialized in the field of automatic machines, also joined the technicians yet present on site. CPS Company was able to be even more present and timely in providing customer care services and interventions in the case of unforeseen events.

The assembled line, made up of 4 industrial machines and 14 conveyor belts, is composed of: a CPS 121 sorting system for the distribution of the bulk product with two inbound and one outbound channel; a primary packaging machine, model CPS803FT; a bundler prototype, model CPF452FT, for unwinding the double layer; and a case packer, model CPS 660, for the final boxing of the products.

The entire line can include both the complete packaging cycle, from the initial packing of the bulk product, to that of groups of packages, up to the boxing, and the bypass of the second phase, with the direct passage from primary to secondary packaging through boxing.