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Sustainability, safety, and well-being: raising the packaging from a mere container to a part of the product it hosts, reaching high levels of quality and functionality, while fully respecting the environment around us. CPS Company has been working for years to realise this mission, improving its offer of end-of-line packaging machinery, as well as for the entire range that bears its name.

CPS 600 SERIES: THE EVOLUTION OF END-OF-LINE PACKAGING MACHINERY BY CARTONING                                                     

The CPS 600 Series industrial packaging machines are designed to guarantee the end-of-line packaging, by cartoning of various types of products. Tissue, interfolded fabrics, consumer and industrial rolls, and numerous other types of items for personal care, are safe throughout the whole logistics chain, up to the point of delivery, thanks to these machines that make quality and reliability their strong point. Additionally on request, the 600 Series machines can be realised in response to specific production needs, developing ad hoc solutions dedicated to further categories of articles.

Among their distinctive features, the high production speeds, at the highest levels of the category, great reliability, ease of use, and an innate adaptive capacity stand out. This last point means that their sizes can vary according to the needs of the customers. More generally, their dimensions are significantly reduced compared to the average size of the cartoning machines on the market today.

Another quality of the 600 Series machines is that they can be perfectly integrated into all production plants assembled with other primary and secondary packaging solutions made by CPS Company, but also by other machine manufacturers.

Sustainability, energy saving, ease of use, production speed, quality, reliability: these are just some of the elements that make CPS Company the perfect partner in the field of end-of-line packaging, thanks to the 600 Series.


This set of qualities is the result of the technological excellence achieved by CPS Company over decades of experience. The case packers of the Bolognese brand are made with highly innovative components and functions, normally not included in machinery of this type. Indeed, these are solutions developed by the Bolognese packaging valley company as part of advanced research and design activities, conceived for many application areas of primary and secondary packaging, to then be refined and adapted to individual types of machines, including the case packers of the 600 Series.

For the same reasons, the Case Technology by CPS Company made a significant leap forward compared to market standards, that is the “normal” Case Technology, the basical technical solution, by long time widespread in the field of cartoning machinery.

This technology allows to carry out both vertical and horizontal packaging operations, guaranteeing constant product absorption, even in the case of highly performing automatic lines. Also in this case, CPS Company has been able to count on its know-how and a proverbial ability to develop innovation, to refine the technology, moving performance considerably forward, especially as regards the treatment of the most varied types of tissue articles, and a wide range of personal care products.


The CPS 600, the first machine in the homonymous series of end-of-line packaging machines, is a horizontal cartoning machine with an advanced product layer preparation system. This case packer is extremely precise, fast, reliable, and with a small footprint: an ideal solution for the end-of-line packaging of tissue, interfolded fabrics, consumer rolls, industrial rolls, and other types of personal care products.

The CPS 660 model, of the same series for end-of-line packaging, is an automatic vertical cartoning machine equipped with a robot that performs its functions. Reliable and modern, it integrates perfectly into lines built with other CPS packaging machines or other producers machinery.

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