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Packaging Machines

Our machines are designed and developed according to mechatronics rules, therefore they use both a balanced mix of mechanics and electronics to achieve:

Our packaging machines can produce different types of packs formats, to enable flexibility of production and a wide array of assortment.

Efficiency and sustainability
The CPS machines need less packaging material and energy than any other machines of the same generation and energy class on the market.

Reduced maintenance costs
Reduced running costs are achieved thanks to a higher energy efficiency, great reliability, minimum maintenance and operator-friendly approach.

Easy to operate
The CPS machines are easy to install and start-up: the whole process require less than 4 hours, even without the use of skilled personnel.

Rotative packaging cycle
Thanks to this technology, we are able to guarantee a high-speed packaging process, without any ”dog-ears” or defects, typical to the traditional packaging systems. Our system reduces mechanic stress on the moving parts, thus considerably increases the time between maintenance interventions.

4.0 Technology
We guarantee remote monitoring, to provide constant assistance to our customers in maintaining and optimizing our cutting -edge packaging machineries.

Packaging Machines