The packaging sector remains stable overall, recording an increase in turnover. Positive forecasts for the near future.

The data provided by the Research Office of the Italian Packaging Institute, reported in the publication “Packaging in Figures 2023“, reflect the trend of packaging production in 2022 and outline a sector that maintains stability in production, highlighting an increase in turnover and encouraging prospects in the short term.

During 2022, after two years marked by constant fluctuations, Italian packaging production recorded effective stability, with a negative variation of 0.4% compared to 2021, standing at around 18 million tonnes.

On the contrary, turnover grew significantly, exceeding 40 billion euros and marking an increase of 15.4% compared to the previous year. An increase in turnover was influenced by the increase in list prices, adopted to mitigate increases in energy and raw material costs.


Looking at foreign trade, during 2022, packaging exports contracted by 2.2%, while imports increased by 11.4%. Overall, the trade balance remains positive, with a surplus of 267 tonnes/thousands of packaging exported, mainly to Europe, compared to that imported.

In relation to the materials used, an unfavorable trend is observed for paper (-3.4%) and steel (-6.2%) packaging, while all other types of packaging show positive growth. The prominent presence of paper packaging, representing 31.9% of the total produced in 2022, has undoubtedly influenced the global performance of the sector.


The prospects for the medium term present an overall positive picture. If a slight slowdown in activities is expected during 2023 due to general economic conditions, an average annual increase of 1.1% is anticipated in the following years. Production is estimated to reach 19,141 tonnes/thousand in 2026.


CPS Company also records a positive trend which sees a growth in demand especially on the domestic market.