CPS Company continues its business by successfully adapting to the differences between the markets of the various countries. Excellent sales performance of CPS Company packaging machines in Italy.


CPS Company, the Bolognese company active in the industrial packaging machinery sector, takes stock of the performance of the markets in which it operates at the end of the year.

2023 was characterized by heterogeneity: if Latin America and South-East Asia were separated by a phase of uncertainty, North America, Europe – and above all Italy – gave considerable satisfaction.

The South American market suffered a contraction due to the weakness of the domestic economy and reduced investment capacity. Slowdown also for the south-eastern market, in this case attributable to the lower momentum of Chinese growth. CPS Company, which has historically carried out important orders in both areas, is facing emerging challenges, adapting to constantly evolving contexts and scenarios.

To balance the situation, the North American and European markets continue to show positive trends.

The excitement recorded in Italy is particularly interesting, where CPS Company has concluded important agreements, giving a significant boost to the domestic market. A significant part of the business was generated through home projects and collaborations with Italian clients also active internationally.


In a diverse global economic landscape, CPS Company demonstrates flexibility and resilience in managing the specific challenges of each market.

The Bolognese company adapts its strategy and offering from time to time to exploit different opportunities and mitigate less positive impacts.

CPS Company remains focused on the innovation, sustainability and quality of its packaging machines, as well as on the excellent level of customer care, essential to maintain and increase its positioning in the packaging sector.