High-performance, latest generation solutions in primary and secondary packaging: this and much more is the added value of the 400 series.

With the 400 series, CPS Company offers a vast and versatile range of advanced industrial machinery for the packaging and primary and secondary packaging of various types of products.

These are highly specialized mechanical and technological solutions, capable of combining versatility, reliability, efficiency, performance capacity, but also maximum ease of use and maintenance service at the highest levels in the category.

The 400 series is a line of machines capable of producing high quality packaging, ideal for presenting and enhancing products, such as those intended for personal care, packaged in rolls, napkins and interleaved.

The 400 series machines are also green friendly and limit the impact on the environment to a minimum by reducing the consumption of packaging materials and reducing production costs.


The 400 series consists of two models.

The CPS 452 is a secondary packaging machine ideal for the production of packs of diapers for adults and children, sanitary napkins, rolls and other types of products.

The CPS 472 series, on the other hand, is a secondary packaging machine suitable for diaper bags for adults and children or for women’s care, packs of tissue rolls and other types of products.

Both machines are equipped with a rotating “HMI” mounted on the arm which allows the control and management of the machine.

The system allows you to:

  • Monitor technical functions, control and adjust them for optimal performance;
  • Store the format parameters to facilitate format changes;
  • Detect machine diagnostics for troubleshooting;
  • Select the language of use between English, Italian and, upon request, in the customer’s language.

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