Sharing, team spirit and solidarity: elements that characterize the Cassoli Group and which accompany the initiatives planned for Christmas 2023 and the new year.


Christmas holidays in the name of unity, sharing and social responsibility that Cassoli Group – with the companies CPS Company, Nema Automazione and Ecocap’s is enthusiastically preparing to celebrate together with employees and families.

In an atmosphere of joy and conviviality, the day will be marked by the traditional company lunch. At the Casalecchio headquarters, directly in the production area, a chef will prepare a traditional Valencian paella, with the possibility of enjoying it also in a vegetarian version.

This moment of celebration will become an opportunity to strengthen bonds and strengthen the sense of belonging and cohesion. The company, strong in the values of collaboration and mutual respect that have always characterized it, intends to transform this Christmas into an experience where everyone can feel part of a big family.

In the afternoon, through a “home lottery”, freebies and gifts received from suppliers will be redistributed among employees.


Also for these holidays, the company’s support for local community activities continues which, as usual, translates into gift baskets made up of Km0 tortellini and a panettone or pandoro from the ANT Foundation, purchased with the aim of supporting the association and his important and precious work of oncological assistance.

To further strengthen the social commitment, which has always distinguished the Cassoli family, the project in favour of the IL SOLE Solidarity Emporium has been renewed for 2024.

The association of volunteers deals with the distribution of food aid and provides support to assist people in difficulty. There are hundreds of vulnerable families in the area that the association’s volunteers follow, providing food, personal and domestic hygiene products, and offering a place for people to listen and exchange.