600 series advanced and high-performance solutions in the packaging field: added value that characterizes of latest generation.

The CPS 600 series industrial machinery is designed for end-of-line packaging, offering advanced solutions to package in cardboard a wide range of products and to guarantee the impeccable packaging of items such as napkins, interfolded sheets, consumer rolls for home and away from home use, and many other personal care products.

Thanks to the combination of precision, speed, versatility, efficiency, reliability and compactness, they establish themselves as ideal machines for the end of the packaging line in almost all production sectors. Furthermore, these innovative devices are able to integrate perfectly into existing production lines. This integration capability makes the 600 Series a strategic investment for companies looking to optimize packaging processes while simultaneously improving overall production efficiency.

CPS 600

The CPS 600 stands out as a cutting-edge horizontal case packing machine, equipped with a sophisticated product layer preparation system.

Fast, reliable and also small in size, the CPS 600 represents a compact and efficient solution for the most diverse packaging needs.

Designed specifically for end-of-line packaging, the CPS 600 is perfectly suited to the boxing process of handkerchiefs, interleaved sheets, consumer rolls, industrial rolls and other personal care products, proving versatile and suitable for different types of items.

CPS 660

The CPS 660 represents the pinnacle of technology in vertical case packers, thanks to the use of an advanced robotic system.

Reliable and cutting-edge, this machine integrates perfectly into packaging lines that include other CPS units or other machinery, ensuring high productivity with a minimum footprint.

Characterized, in fact, by a compact design, the CPS 660 proves to be the ideal solution m for end-of-line packaging using case packing.

Its versatility is evident in its ability to handle a wide range of products, demonstrating its flexibility and adaptability to different types of packaging.

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