The manufacturers of packaging technologies achieved a turnover of 8.53 billion euros, setting a new record in the sector.

During 2022, the automatic wrapping and packaging machinery sector has achieved surprising results. With a turnover of 8.53 billion euros, it recorded a growth trend of 3.6% compared to the previous year, thus setting a new record for the entire industry. In a four-year period, between 2019 and 2022, the sector’s turnover increased by around half a billion euros.

Riccardo Cavanna, president of the Ucima association, during the annual members’ meeting, expressed extreme satisfaction with these important numbers, underlining the fact that, despite the difficulties, the sector exceeded the eight billion threshold and half a euro, an extraordinary result.

The 11th national statistical survey on the sector confirms the importance of exports, which impact 77% of turnover (+1.7%), reaching a total of 6.57 billion euros compared to 2021. Even the domestic market showed signs of strong dynamism, growing by 10.6% compared to the previous year.


Despite the excellent results obtained in 2022, some concerns emerge with respect to future scenarios. First of all, a slowdown in the demand in the second part of 2023, to which are added other elements of uncertainty linked to investments, the new regulation on packaging, the lack of 4.0 policies and the increase in interest rates.

As regards the tissue sector, CPS Company and the entire Cassoli Group are studying solutions and new approaches to be in line with the latest directives and to cope with the context of global uncertainty.

In this sense, the new Mosaic System offers companies a flexible, modular solution oriented towards maximum efficiency of costs and results.