The new patented system for packaging napkins, on display at the Cassoli Group stand at the MIAC in Lucca.

The MIAC in Lucca will be the first occasion for the official presentation of the new napkin packaging system, patented by CPS Company.

Synonymous with research and development, innovation and maximum attention to customer needs, the new Mosaic System represents a particularly important step in the development of new technologies and new packaging solutions.

At stand 121, from 11 to 13 October, the Cassoli Group will be present with its offer of latest generation industrial machinery, bringing as its main novelty the new Mosaic System applied to the world of tissue product packaging.

Mosaic System is based on a modular construction of the machines, where the various components are assembled like in a mosaic, following the specific needs of the project or customer.

This modularity implies clear advantages both in terms of production costs and in terms of efficient use of resources, including:

  1. Customers can upgrade and improve their machine over time, at lower costs than a complete replacement.
  2. The modular structure allows you to make specific changes to the project, to add new features requested by customers or developed as part of the research and development of new products.
  3. Scheduled maintenance is more effective due to the ability to replace entire assemblies based on the modular design.
  4. The problem of machinery obsolescence, due to the aging of electronic components (which can be replaced thanks to the modular design approach), is overcome.

Furthermore, the cost of the machine can be amortized in the long term thanks to the availability of a wide range of elements that improve its performance and durability.

In the specific case of the Mosaic System for folded products, it is now possible to choose between a traditional packaging system (LA 370) or a Revolving system (CPS 806) in the same machine, exploiting the specific advantages of both systems.