Mosaic System, the new latest generation packaging system, was successfully presented at the MIAC in Lucca, together with the best company technologies from the Cassoli Group.

The MIAC stage in Lucca was the opportunity to preview the new Mosaic System.

It is an innovative and high-tech system for the packaging of napkins, based on a modular concept of the machines.

Thanks to the Mosaic System, an exclusive patent of the Cassoli Group, the individual groups that can make up the machine are assembled – just like in a mosaic – following the specific needs of the project or the customer.

An undoubtedly advantageous approach both in terms of production costs and in terms of efficient use of resources.

In fact, customers can update and improve the performance of the machines over time, avoiding burdens and costs linked to the complete replacement of the systems.


For the Cassoli Group, the outcome of MIAC 2023 is excellent overall. This year too, a significant representation of incoming buyers and professionals participated in the fair, as well as from Italy, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

There were over 250 exhibitors from companies operating in the paper, cardboard and paper mill machinery sectors.

The event offered the opportunity to present the latest innovations in technology and to take stock of the most current challenges related to packaging.

The expo was an opportunity for exchange and networking between companies and potential customers, to which was added a rich calendar of conferences and seminars. Among the most debated topics were the rising costs of gas and competition from non-EU countries.


See photos of the CPS Company booth at MIAC 2023: