Secondary packaging machinery of diaper packs for adults and children, sanitary towels, and paper rolls.

When it comes to personal care, it goes without saying that safety is important, especially when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the product at its origin. This is why, over the years, CPS Company has studied and designed increasingly new and cutting-edge solutions in the design and production of machinery for the secondary packaging of personal care products. The 400 CPS series is the result of long periods of work and reflections on what could satisfy the customer’s needs, with a positive quality-price-sustainability ratio.

Primary and advanced secondary personal and home care packaging

Packaging of the highest quality, which looks above all to the preservation and enhancement of products, this is the 400 CPS series. Last generation industrial machinery for primary and secondary packaging, highly technological solutions capable of combining versatility, efficiency, performance capacity, and ease of use.

The type of packaging a product covers or stores is highly important and has implications that go far beyond protection. Storage and transport costs, as well as the corporate image, are important elements of this phase and which derive directly from the choice of packaging, which makes it necessary to address the right considerations when it comes to packaging. Choosing the right packaging is a rather complicated matter, which must take into account the characteristics of the product (solid, liquid, gaseous, weight, volume, fragility), its production process, transport and storage, legislation and regulations governing the characteristics of the packaging itself.

And with CPS Company you will not only have this but much more, all while respecting not only the products but also the environment. By reducing the consumption of packaging materials, the 400 series machines reduce production costs and minimize the impact on the environment. An element of pride for a company that has been fighting for years to reduce the impact on the territory that hosts it, always with more than positive results. The industrial machinery for packaging and bundling by CPS, at all levels, are characterized by cutting-edge technologies, including some solutions patented by the company, which allow it to ensure maximum yield with minimal impact on the environment. surrounding.

CPS 452 and 472: the evolution of secondary packaging for personal care

A saturated and very competitive sector, that of packaging, sees its most widespread and imported production district in the province of Bologna. This is why differentiating the product becomes not only necessary but vital, giving this sector of the national industry new ideas and new ways of working, especially at this particular moment in our history. From this comes the 400 Series, our key to interpreting the evolution of secondary packaging, in particular, the CPS 452 and CPS 472 packaging machines.

Taking care of particular products, dedicated to the person and the care of his hygiene, requires a very high level of control of every phase of the product’s life, including its packaging. This is why CPS 452 and CPS 472 are machines for the secondary packaging of diaper packs for adults and children, sanitary napkins, rolls, and other types of highly reliable and performing products, able to give you exceptional performance in terms of speed, precision, versatility, reliability, and ease of use and maintenance.

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