The latest technologies in primary and secondary industrial packaging.

The 200 Series by CPS Company is certainly a jewel in terms of advanced technologies in the field of industrial packaging, both primary and secondary. The range of machines belonging to the series responds to the widest packaging needs, covering a very wide range of products. But let’s go more specifically, starting our path right from the principle of primary and secondary packaging.

Primary and secondary industrial packaging: the definition

What is meant by primary packaging?

By primary packaging we mean the packaging in direct contact with the product. This is certainly the type of packaging that stands out the most and on which the eye of the potential final consumer falls, therefore the one most taken into consideration. With product protection and conservation as the main functions, primary packaging also provides for the presence of information necessary for the consumer, such as the date and production lot and identification code. In the case of foods, we will also find maturities and nutritional properties.

And what is meant by secondary packaging?

As we can deduce from its name, secondary packaging is a second packaging that covers the primary. In this way, the individual products of the same type are grouped, usually with cardboard or film specifically designed for packaging. This type of packaging usually requires inkjet marking with barcodes, logos, etc.

CPS Company: primary and secondary packaging with the machines of the 200 series

For primary and secondary industrial packaging, CPS Company has created a series of machines capable of responding to the widest packaging needs. The 200 series of wrappers offers the latest generation industrial machinery for the primary and secondary packaging of rolls, personal care products, facial tissue boxes, and large rolls for industrial use.

CPS 235 and CPS 280 represent the latest technologies in CPS as regards primary packaging. The first is a first-grade packaging machine for rolls and other types of personal care products, the second is an industrial log paper banding machine.

CPS 230 BOX and CPS 235 BOX are box packing machines for secondary packaging, a perfect synthesis between technological innovation and reliability. The second presents advanced production solutions such as the easy open system, a technological solution patented by CPS that allows the packaging to be equipped with the characteristic “tear-off thread”, which allows them to be opened in a simpler and more precise way without compromising the seal.

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