In the heart of the packaging valley, Cassoli Group technology.

For many, Emilia Romagna is a land of fun and good food, promenades along the seafront as well as those immersed in the beauty of the cities of art, accompanied by typical agri-food products that leave everyone with an unparalleled culinary nostalgia. Yet, there is much more, not so well known, that makes Emilia Romagna an increasingly growing region, at home and even more internationally. In addition to important agri-food districts, this region also hosts a little-known but very valuable sector, the packaging machinery district.

CPS Company: high-tech solutions in primary and secondary packaging

Since 2002, synonymous with research and development, technology, and maximum attention to customer expectations, in the industrial packaging machinery sector, CPS Company has been the technological heart of Cassoli Group. The company handed down and renews the wealth of knowledge of the Cassoli family, leading advanced industrial activities in the field of design and production of packaging machinery since 1964, becoming today a representative of the development of new technologies and packaging solutions.

Primary and secondary packaging no longer just a mere container, but an integral part of the product: this is the vision of CPS Company, which focuses on quality, functionality, and respect for the environment. A quality that makes state-of-the-art technology its mission, creating high performing and reliable automation systems and machinery. In particular, we are talking about machinery for the primary and secondary packaging of paper, fabric / non-woven products, personal care, and home care, intended for retail consumption.

Primary and secondary industrial packaging: sustainability by Cassoli

Maximum respect for people and the environment has always been the starting point for the production of CPS Company, which pursues constant R&D aimed at creating the latest generation of “green” machinery and technological solutions, and more. Sorting and recycling are also an important point of company policies, with a recovery of industrial waste which, in recent years, has reached 90%. This, hand in hand with actions aimed at the progressive reduction of energy consumption and emissions deriving from the use of natural gas and electricity, such as the creation of a photovoltaic system that today allows CPS to independently produce 70% of its energy needs, with an annual saving of about 120,000 kWh, equal to 60 tons of CO2.

CPS Company, technology at the service of industrial packaging

CPS Company can offer machines that meet the most varied packaging needs, both primary and secondary, putting production flexibility, breadth, and depth of assortment first. Wrappers, bundlers, case packers, fold tissue papers: discover all the CPS Company machines.