CPS Company has produced a video to highlight the advantages of the technology that stands out for its packaging quality, high performance, great reliability and flexibility. Revolving Technology fits perfectly with the CP800 series.


A video-teaser, shown at MIAC Lucca 2021 and INDEX 2021, highlights the merits of the new Revolving Technology.

It is actually technology that has been on the market for years, however the CPS Company has been able to improve its effectiveness and by adapting it to new uses on their machines.

 Compared to other systems, the advantages of this solution are:

  • advanced packaging quality incorporating well stretched and compact product.
  • great efficiency and production capacity, for consistently high-level performance.
  • attention to eco-sustainability thanks to an approach that limits consumption.
  • reliability and flexibility to allow quick and easy film changes. Even the transition from paper to plastic packaging can take place during a reel change.

The Revolving Technology is used with huge success on the CPS800 series, designed for primary packaging and customisable according to customers needs.

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