From IN/3A to PAC/100, successful bundler and packaging machines.


In the 70s the packaging market was revolutionized by the presentation of the IN/3A, the first fully automatic and single-reel bundler machine in the world.

Switching to a single reel made processing much easier and more tight packages. “The two reels almost never ran out at the same time and changing them was incredibly laborious due to their positioning (one on top and on the bottom). Moreover, this technology was not helpful in the production of neatly taut packaging and required a greater use of polyethylene. At Cassoli we came up with a machine that used only one reel of polyethylene, which was much more convenient”, Paolo Cassoli rightly said.

IN/3A, offering maximum flexibility and reducing the consumption of packaging material, was an extraordinary success. Within a few years, the IN/3AL and IN/4A were launched, designed to respond to the market demand for even more capacious packages.

In the same period, 1978, the PAC series of packaging machines was born. Compared to the previous RA models, it added a comb system for the advancement of the product that guaranteed a continuous and uninterrupted production cycle.

The PAC 100/R packed 1 to 6 toilet rolls at 90 packs per minute, while the PAC 1220/R went from 4 to 24 rolls at a maximum speed of 30 packs per minute.

To further increase customer satisfaction, the CARRY/10 was launched on the market: a small machine to be positioned immediately after the multi-roll thanks to which it was possible to attach a handle to the multi-roll and make handling easier.