Macchina per il confezionamento
primario di interfogliati tissue

Machine technical data

Size range of packs:
Min: A = 80 mm x B = 95 mm
Max: A = 125 mm x B = 250 mm.

Maximum height of uncompressed product (C1):
Up to 150 mm.

Standard height of the final pack:
Min C = 25 mm; Max C = 140 mm.

Change-over time

Max. 20-25 min.

Print centring

+ 2 mm.

Wrapping material gauge

Polyethylene (PE): Approx. 28-32 my**
Polypropylene (PP): Approx. 25-30 my**
Maximum reel diameter: Up to 500 mm
Maximum reel width: Up to 400 mm.

**wrapping material to be approved by CPS.

Standard folding units ranges

(H1) 15 to 19mm
(H2) 20 to 39mm
(H3) 40 to 64mm
(H4) 65 to 79mm
(H5) 80 to 99mm
(H6) 100 to 129mm
(H7) 130 to 160mm
In relation to the dimensions of the final pack.

Standard electrical supply

Main power: 380/400 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz., 3-ph. + Ground
Control circuits: 24 Volts DC
Installed power: 12 KVA
Absorbed power: 9 KVA
Air consumption: 250 NL/min
Working pressure: 5/6 Bar (a lower pressure might affect the machine performances).

Finished Bundle dimensions
Rif Pack Dimension Speed
mm p/min
A1 80 – 125 65
B1 95 – 165 65
B2 165 – 250 55
C H6/H7 45
C H2/H3/H4/H5 65
Tolerances of the stacks from the folding machine

Length: +/- 1 mm
Width: +/- 1 mm
Height: compression must be from 15 to 40 mm.

Mechanical Speed

up to 70 cycles/min**.

Standard colour

RAL 7035 (white).


One full set of parts, instructions, trouble shooting and manuals in English or following CE regulations, both in hard copy and CD.


Interfold and folded products packaging
Machine layout