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Active Pull technology

Thanks to the new patented CPS technology, the quality of the packaging increases while costs decrease: the machines equipped with the Pull Technology provide a positive film unwinding, allowing to avoid packaging defects and ensuring tighter and more compact packs, without the need to use any shrinking tunnels. It is therefore possible to obtain better results with a great saving of energy and reduced consumption of packaging material, always guaranteeing a top finished product’s quality, while contributing to the safeguard of the environment.

Revolving technology

A technology that has been on the market for years, improved and put to new use by CPS. Compared to the traditional system, the Revolving Technology ensures a higher quality in packaging together with a greater production capacity and higher reliability. Moreover, there is no need to replace any current film reel in stock.

Case technology

Thanks to our technology it is possible to put into a case any kind of tissue and personal care products with a vertical or horizontal loading system. Products to be inserted can be loose or overwrapped in order to guarantee a constant product flow even for high performing production lines.

Full Servo Technology

All the movements of our machines are totally operated by servomotors, achieving maximum packing precision and a higher production capacity. In addition, many servomotors are interchangeable with one another: another plus that allows to reduce the number of spare parts in stock.

Reseal system

The use of this unique system, allows the tissue products to be packed with a resealable system in an easy and quick way: we can therefore guarantee an optimal conservation of the purchased good after its opening.

Easy open system

A patented CPS technology, available as an option on the 800s series machines.

Thanks to the characteristic tear-tape, polypropylene packs can be opened in a easier and clearer way, thus avoiding tearing of the film which would jeopardize the tightness of the pack after opening.