A new tissue packaging machine suitable for small and large products. Quick and easy format change.


The LA370 is the result of the Cassoli Group experience, and in particular of the important joint research work between CPS Company and Nema Automazione.

Specific for primary packaging, LA370 is already very popular on the market. Indeed, The requests for this new machine, which focuses strongly on the combination of performance and flexibility, are growing.

LA370 can guarantee companies in the tissue sector:

– fast and effective management of different types of products: you can easily switch from packaging 12×12 cm cocktail napkins to 40×24 cm medical tissues;

operational flexibility of a good level not affecting speed and production standards;

– the use of quality mechanical and electronic components for an increasingly attentive system operation to reduce energy consumption.

While presenting a classic-type packaging mechanism, the LA370 machine stands out on the primary packaging market for some key aspects, such as the positive quality / price ratio, environmental sensitivity and the ability to adapt to the most diverse production needs.

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