The best of CPS and NEMA video production is gathered in one new web section. The videos are mainly dedicated to the packaging of tissue and personal care products.


Twelve videos have been published in the new section of the CPS website, divided into the following categories:

  • 200 Series 200, with videos on the secondary boxes packaging for facial tissue items and other types of products;
  • 400 Series, with videos on the secondary packaging of paper, diapers adult, baby or femine care;
  • 600 Series, with video on end-of-line packaging made by cartoning;
  • 800 Series, with videos on the primary packaging of napkins and interleaved ones;
  • PAL Series, with videos about NEMA palletizing.

Within the section, two other videos specifically refers to NEMA packaging machines: LA 370 and TC 70 512.

Videos represent a particularly effective tool in showing the functionality and performance of CPS and NEMA machines: watch them all, and find out which series is best suited to your needs!