Qualified public in presence with excellent feedback on the commercial front.


The most important international fair for the nonwoven market closed with the general satisfaction of both visitors and exhibitors.

For CPS Company, INDEX meant participation in presence, networking, new contacts and also important signals on the segments with the greatest growth prospects.

Historically at INDEX the core business has been focused on secondary packaging. For this kind of product CPS Company offers the 400 Series packaging machines. Normally the most requested applications are for personal care products however this year there were particularly numerous requests for disposable folded product packaging machines.

The increase in the disposable product was partially expected due to the increased attention to hygiene and safety linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. In terms of market interpretation the request linked to the interleaved products was most interesting.

For these kind of products thanks to the ‘Active Pull technology’ principle the 400 Series guarantees excellent output and considerable savings in material usage: perfectly formed and well stretched packages are associated with a reduction in production costs and environmental impact. Additionally the CPS 400 machines also boast excellent performance results and offer good flexibility which allows you to change films without noticeable effects on production speed.

We now wait with great anticipation to see how the market will evolve in the next few months with the new appointment with INDEX is in 2023, from 18 to 21 April!

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