CPS packaging machines are characterized by unique and cutting-edge technologies, a perfect synthesis between mechanics and electronics, guaranteeing high-level production performance. (part 1)

Cassoli Group; packaging; tecnologie


Active Pull Technology, patented by CPS Company, allows packaging machines to unwind films positively, eliminating imperfections and, at the same time, ensuring a considerable circulation of the packaging material, without the need to use shrink ovens.

This allows you to have a product with an excellent yield, considerable savings, both in terms of consumption and energy, with important returns in terms of environmental impact.


Another implementation of CPS Company is to have improved the Revolving Technology, present on the market for years, increasing its performance and adapting it for new applications on its machinery.

This innovation integrates higher quality packaging, higher production capacity and high reliability. Being compatible with all film reels on the market, it allows you to take advantage of existing stocks, without the need to buy new ones.


With Case Technology, all types of products can be packaged, including tissue, personal care, loose products or previously packaged items, both horizontally and vertically.

This process offers continuous product uptake, even in the case of highly performing automatic lines.