Experience, knowledge, passion, willingness: elements of the successful redemption of Cassoli Group. The first part of the story.

Cassoli Group; packaging

THE 90’S

We are in the 90s, globalization is slowly taking hold and at the same time we are witnessing an aggregation process both at the level of customers and of companies producing technologies to support the market.

The acquisition by the German Koerber Group of WrapMatic, the direct competitor of Cassoli Group, dates back to 1990.

The same German group, a few years later, showed interest in Cassoli Group’s know-how by acquiring, in 1993, 15% of the shares.

Shortly afterwards, in 1995, it was decided that the Cassoli Group would have acquired the tissue division of WrapMatic. This is how CasMatic was born, in addition to counting on a workforce of 255 people, it needs more than a large, modern and functional corporate structure.

The new set-up certainly brings some advantages, but it is viewed on the market with reserve due to its dominant position in tissue packaging. There are also management difficulties caused by two corporate realities that had been competitors until then.

THE 2000’S

In an environment that is disharmonious and characterized by pure unfounded monopoly, contrasts and disagreements grow.

Corporate ribs of CasMatic stand out by creating determined and fierce competitors. A period of crisis begins which leads to the prospect of a reduction in personnel, to which other events and decisions are added which lead to distances.

We are in 2002 when the Cassoli managers decide to leave the CDA and the shareholding structure of CasMatic: the entire remaining stake owned by the Cassoli’s family is sold to Koerber. The transfer agreement also includes a non-competition agreement which provides that no first-degree member of the family can re-enter the tissue business all over the world for 5 years.

There is no shortage of experience, knowledge, passion, willpower: let’s start again!

(To be continued…)