It’s a success story that also passes through the expansion and growth of corporate structures.


We are in the 80s, the market continues to grow and the company begins to become a medium-sized reality. It is in this context that Paolo Cassoli is pushed to purchase the first physical site.

Soon, however, this first location is not enough because the number of employees grows and there is a need for more space.

The right opportunity is not long in coming: it is a 2,700 square meter warehouse in Casalecchio, in which Paolo Cassoli decides to invest.

With the market in turmoil and growing demand, further expansion becomes necessary, completed with the purchase of a new plot of land, on which to build a new 1,200 square meter warehouse and relocate the warehouse.

Stopping improving is not in the Cassoli DNA, so in a short time two other warehouses arrive, one in Monteveglio, the second in Pontecchio Marconi.

Not even the great snowfall of 1985, the flooding of 1988 and the threats of a terrorist attack stop the company’s race which, thanks to team spirit and the ability to get involved, reacts and copes with emergencies and unforeseen events.

The great attachment to the company and the personal involvement of employees have always been among the most important strengths of the group. It is one of the secrets of its success.