Vision, mastery, and a lot of courage: on the strength of these values, in 1964 Paolo Cassoli sets up on his own and creates the RA / CI, a machine that opened up a market that had never existed in Italy until then. It’s the beginning of an important national and international story in the world of primary and secondary packaging.

Like most of the successful entrepreneurial stories, even that of CPS Company has particular origins, at the same time simple but curious, which deserves to be told to restore the sense of what today is a large and consolidated avant-garde production reality on the international scene of industrial machinery for packaging, widely recognized to its technical qualities, reliability and important innovations.

It all began in 1960. After years of gradual refinement of his skills in ACMA, a Bolognese company that pioneered the creation of the local packaging valley, the young and brilliant Paolo Cassoli was hired by WrapMatic, and, as head of the technical department, immediately was entrusted with the design of a machine for the packaging of toilet paper rolls, a product that has been present for a few years in, Italy but not yet particularly widespread and still exclusively hand-packed. The only exception is an American multinational that uses complex and bulky machinery.

Paolo has the intuition: to review the project, designing a smaller and leaner model, therefore more suited to the needs of Italian paper mills. No one yet believes in the development of paper mills and the spread of toilet paper as a mass commodity. Paolo thinks differently. For this reason, he decides to resign and sets up his own business, giving substance to his vision independently. We arrive on May 12, 1964, a historical date: Paolo enrolls the Cassoli company at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce.

Afterwards, in months of hard work of design and construction, also thanks to the support of some artisans who decide to believe in his bet, in the small garage of Paolo’s house he assembles his first machine, now exhibited at the Museum of Industrial Heritage in Bologna. His name is RA / CI, a very compact multi-roll capable of packaging 40 packs of 2 or 4 rolls per minute. A small mechanical jewel, but also and above all the realization of a vision that turns out to be winning right from the start. From a paper mill in Genoa, the first order arrives which starts the great industrial history of Cassoli Group!

“I remember that the client – we read in the memoirs of Paolo Cassoli – came to see it again when it was still being assembled and told ‘Cassoli, if this machine wraps as the mechanics work, you’ve hit the jackpot!’ In hindsight, he was right! ”. The same reason that Paolo Cassoli had to believe in his dream, cultivating it with passion, tenacity, courage, and great productive mastery, laying the foundations for a path made of growth, innovation, and progressive affirmation in the sector of industrial machinery for primary and secondary packaging that continues today. From the heart of the packaging valley to the rest of the world.