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WEPA is an important international company with 13 offices in Europe, 4,000 employees and a turnover of 1.3 billion euros. For 75 years, the company has been producing paper products for personal care and homecare, distributed through modern distribution channels, discount stores and traditional stores.

WEPA Italia has recently commissioned CPS Company to build a machine for packaging its products: let’s find out, through the words of Mirco Sebastiani from the WEPA Italia technical office, what the project consists of and how the partnership with CPS Company went.

What are the benefits expected from the installation of the new CPS Company machine?

When we contacted CPS Company we were looking for a high performance, fast yet reliable and versatile napkin wrapping machine.

For this reason, together with the CPS Company technicians, we opted for a model of the CPS 800 series, the CPS 806.

It is to all intents and purposes a high-level packaging machine which has allowed us to simplify and optimize the lay-out of the existing line and, at the same time, to have a final product of excellent quality, also from an aesthetic point of view.

There are no other packaging machines on the market with the same production speed, capable of maintaining high quality levels in the finished product.

In addition, we wanted to adopt a machine that was intuitive and simple for operators to use, a feature that we actually found in the CPS806.

Last but not least: the great versatility of this packaging machine allows us to process several types of paper at the same time, even with different thicknesses.

What needs and goals brought you to CPS Company?

The main need was to have a high-performance packaging machine that maximized production per minute and guaranteed a quality final product. The project presented by CPS Company, based on “Revolving Technology“, convinced us and we married it right away. Currently, the machine is tested and in operation, and we can say that we are very happy and satisfied with the choice.

What was it like working with the company team?

All the sales and technical staff supported us right away to satisfy all our requests, making themselves available to WEPA and its technicians.

Even after the start-up of the line, the CPS Company team has provided us with availability, support and continuous collaboration.

Wepa: innovation, sustainability, vision

The WEPA Group is a family business operating throughout Europe and offers sustainable and innovative hygiene solutions that provide a safe feeling of hygiene and contribute to the well-being of millions of consumers all over Europe every day. With 4000 employees, the WEPA Group produces hygiene paper products such as toilet paper, towel paper, handkerchiefs and napkins at 13 production sites in Europe. WEPA is one of the three largest European manufacturers and is market leader in the production of hygiene paper made of recycled fibres. The annual turnover amounts to approximately 1.3 billion euros.

In the consumer business unit, WEPA is the specialist.

The headquarters of the WEPA Group is in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia.

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