The cutting-edge industrial machines of the CPS 800 Series guarantee excellent, sustainable, and customisable primary packaging solutions, according to the most varied logistical and production needs.


When we talk about packaging or primary packaging, a universe of solutions and product types opens up. It’s the kind of packaging that consumers see every day on the shelf: the “dress” that proposes the product and contributes to its choice.

In addition to making it more appealing to the potential buyer, primary packaging also has the essential quality of protecting the product before its intended use.


Among the leading machines in the primary packaging segment, those belonging to the 800 Series of CPS Company stand out. Thanks to technologically advanced solutions, the CPS 800 series packaging machines satisfy every type of packaging needs, offering those who adopt them a perfect balance between excellent technology, versatility, efficiency, and respect for the environment.

The CPS 800 Series allows reaching the shelf with top-quality packaging, thanks to perfectly stretched and compact films. The packages produced by the CPS 800 machines guarantee safety and excellent conservation of the products: the film does not alter their quality, and the machine cycle preserves even the softest materials.

In addition, these machines allows maximum attention to the impact on the environment. Indeed, these machines guarantee shorter production times – which ensure significant savings on energy and costs – lower consumption of packaging materials, and the possibility to use packaging solutions in paper or other ecological fibers.

All this is possible thanks to the significant contribution of some technologies. From Revolving Technology – which makes the transition from paper to plastic packaging and format changes extremely easy, thus maximizing the flexibility of the machines – to the Easy Open System and Reseal System, both patented by CPS.

The first, an exclusive option for the 800 Series machines, allows equipping the polypropylene packages with a “tear-off thread” which assures them to be opened more easily and precisely, without affecting their tightness. The Reseal system, optional as the first one, is a practical and immediate method to make the packaging of tissue products easily closed and reopened after its first opening. Thanks to this, product conservation is better safeguarded, and consumers can count on real boxes, rather than simple containers.

Another key feature of the 800 Series is the ability to design tailor-made machines, adapting each of them to the different conditions and production needs. Therefore, Series 800 means not only packages perfectly designed on the shape and product material that they must protect and personalize: we are talking about machines adaptable to any kind of production layout and the specific needs of each manufacturer.

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