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We aim to conduct our activities to respect the balance between environmental and economic needs of the whole community, since sustainability is a fundamental pillar of all our company policies.

We support and encourage sustainable operating practices and production systems: these are an integrated part of the development of our procurement and supply strategy. We also demand our suppliers to constantly improve efficiency and sustainability of their operations.


We want to be a group of companies where and with which it is easy to work.

We are recognized as a manufacturer of systems that satisfy our customers’ needs, ensuring high quality, reliability and safety. This can be achieved only throughout constant innovation of our products and flexibility of our processes.


The adopted 231 Organizational Model formalises the implementation of the ethical principles already in use.


Vocation for Vision plays a fundamental role to our growth. Our commitment is to identify the possible future challenges of our customers and tackle them down together.
We aim to offer cutting-edge solutions to improve efficiency, reduce consumptions and anticipate future trends.


Customers play a fundamental role in our growth process. We have always been able to achieve great goals thanks to our customers’ trust, in a shared collaboration as partners. Dialogue helps us to share performance and values.
Collaboration with institutions, specialized bodies and local suppliers is also essential to increase and improve the quality’s standards of our products.


We are focusing on continuous improvement to meet both the needs of the market and our customers.

Equality and diversity

We are committed in creating a diversified and equal work force, to be stronger and better prepared to face the market challenges.


We believe that individual skills positively contribute to common success only through good teamwork, which we daily encourage and support.


Our goal is to preserve the health and safety of all the people involved in the process, through a constant and effective prevention policy.
With our products, we take care of our customers: because their safety is as important as ours.


We are committed in reducing the company’s consumption, by creating greener and environmentally friendly equipment.

We have chosen to direct our activities and development strategies towards environmental and social sustainability. The commitment, aimed at continuous improvement, translates itself into real facts and results.


We promote the differentiation and recycling of industrial waste. Other than paper, glass and metals, plastic materials are also collected and differentiated. In the last three years, we have recovered 90% of our industrial waste.


We have implemented a process to decrease our energy consumption and emissions thanks to the use of natural gas and a photovoltaic system.
A new low-consumption thermal power station will be installed in the first quarter of 2018, drastically reducing gas consumption as well as CO2 emissions.
Our photovoltaic system is able to generate up to 120,000 kWh per year. Electricity will therefore be self-produced for a 70%, allowing a reduction in emissions of 60 tons of CO2 per year.
As part of the energy programme, we have replaced the entire lighting system with low-consumption and high-efficiency LED bulbs, with a 70% energy saving and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions of 30 tons per year.