The ACTIVE PULL TECHNOLOGY redefines the standard of bagging

The most recent and significant innovation introduced on the market by CPS is a patented technology, that promises to revolutionize the world of packaging: the Active Pull Technology. Ideal solution for secondary packaging, it guarantees a clear improvement in the quality of the package while saving from 20% to 40% packaging material than traditional systems.

The machines use this technology to allow the unwinding of the film in a positive manner and guarantee its perfect traction without the use of a shrink tunnel, thus ensuring further savings in terms of energy and polyethylene, with benefits for both production costs and the environment. The result is a packaging devoid of defects, perfectly clinging to the product and completely and easily printable, thus becoming an excellent means of communication for your product. Upon request, a system allowing the creation of a handle integrated in the packaging is available.

The machines using the potential of the Active Pull Technology are: CPS 352, CPS 452 e CPS 864. A complete offer, flexible and all-around, suitable for the high-speed packaging of napkins, interfolded and rolls, products for personal and family care and also of products for professional use. A perfect solution for those looking for superior quality and a lower cost of ownership.

 CPS has always been on the forefront in the research and development of technologies for packaging, with 4.0 ready machines and innovative and versatile solutions for the primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging.